little Silmarillion thing… Manwë and Varda :)
(eh…little bit slavic desing…i think read some Slovak fairy tales while i draw this picture…^^; )


Seriously, defend lithromantic/lithsexual people to the grave because they constantly get told they’re just trying to be special but they are really really important parts of the aromantic and asexual communities. So, yeah. Defend lith people. Lith people are important.


I hate when straight girls have boy troubles and say something like “im gonna go lesbian” please no


the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry


looking for alaska is about a guy nicknamed pudge who goes off to a high school (please note: high school) and meets a motley crew of misfits like him: chip (aka “the colonel”), takumi (the token, aka “the fox” bc he has a ridiculous fox hat), lana (the perfectly nice girl who pudge dates but he cant do it bc shes so NORMAL and BORING), and alaska.

alaska is a manic pixie dream girl who has a large chest (you know because john green mentions it time after time. remember, high school), gives lectures to her fellow students bc shes so wise, goes to empty dorm rooms to drink their liquor and watch their porn, and makes out with people while in a monogamous relationship. pudge takes these qualities and runs the fuck off and becomes obsessed.

him and his friends do things like pull wacky pranks and go camping and drink bad wine in barns because thats what pretentious boarding school kids do i guess. alaska dies in a car crash and the rest of the book is about pudge having to deal with the fact that he was all into this girl and now she’s dead—complete with a dream where she sits on top of him naked (with mr green carefully mentioning how “luminously full” her breasts are or something like that) and is shown to be a rotting corpse.

its a mess. its just a mess. 

How unproportional is too unproportional


I started a survey that mostly targets people on the asexual/aromantic spectra, but anyone can fill it out.

Please do and spread around the community! :)



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