i wanna see more big aro posts that include quoiromantic/wtfromantic and lithromantic bc we are cool and need recognition 


It’s suddenly striking me how weird it is that the entire impetus for the plot of Mean Girls is… homophobia? lesbophobia? 

The thing Janis hates Regina for — what motivates her to contrive to “ruin [Regina’s] life” — is that Regina started a rumor that she, Janis, was a lesbian.
Not just that her one-time best friend started [a nasty rumor] about her.
Not that her one-time best friend outed her.
But that the [nasty, false rumor] was that she was a lesbian.

And then that keeps being a thing she’s insecure about for the rest of her adolescence.
All her friends at school stop talking to her, presumably because they think she’s a lesbian. It’s so bad that she has to drop out of school.
In high school, she doesn’t want Cady to even know about the lesbian rumor, because it’s so awful for people to think you might be a lesbian, right?

Her best friend is openly gay, but the possibility of anyone even thinking she might be a lesbian is socially unacceptable.

But no one says anything about that. No one questions it.
No one’s like, “Why are you so mad that people might think you’re a lesbian? Isn’t your best friend gay? Why would people like you less because you’re a lesbian?”
How weird is that?
Then at the end, she ends up with a dude. Like, wouldn’t it have been better if she turned out to actually be a lesbian who felt betrayed by being outed by a person she thought was her friend? What if the problem wasn’t “fear of being a lesbian,” but rather “fear of being hurt by people you trust?”

The movie is so uncritical of the perspective that being a lesbian is the worst thing that can happen to a preteen/teen girl. Like, we’re supposed to just accept that having people think you’re a lesbian is worth ruining lives over.
I’m so uncomfortable with this right now.


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The difference between Bisexuality and Pansexuality: A Powerpoint Guide (Slightly updated)

spot fucking on

I really like this, and the section on “do find differences between genders and find different things attractive about them” versus “It’s not a factor” actually is something I’ve never seen written out so well before, as a legit distinction between bi and pan.

Fucking thank you.


hi can everyone just take a few seconds of time to report this facebook page? they are screencapping posts in popular tags such as #transgender and posting them to their page - leaving the urls uncensored, mind you - to be attacked and publicly humiliated. multiple friends and i have reported this page to no avail; facebook won’t read our reports.


we have strength in numbers though. i believe that if hundreds of us are all reporting this, someone’s gonna actually give this page more than a cursory glance.

also i’d strongly advise that if you or anyone you know is posting related content about themselves in these popular tags please stay safe and don’t post there anymore, you could be attacked at any time.

also, i know because i am posting in some of these said buzzword tags, i’ll probably be targeted too, so hi tumblristas! have fun in my inbox!!!

under the cut: just a few receipts of the awful shit they post and some comments by the people these posts are exposed to. heavy trigger warning for transphobia, misogyny, hate speech and much more:

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Yeah, I reported it and less than a thirty seconds later facebook told me they reviewed it and that it didn’t break their rules so facebook is shit


and then they didnt put her on the final list


Hey friends! If you’ve been following me since February I am very sorry to annoy you with yet another post about my ex boyfriend Steve, shavingryansprivates, regarding his awful behavior towards others.

A few months ago I spoke openly about how he sexually assaulted me while we were together sometime in December or January. After publicly speaking about his mistreatment towards me, 3 girls messaged me sharing their experiences with him. Amid exposing male bloggers for their predatory behavior recently, 4 more have come forward to tell me about their experiences with him.

So I’m compiling this post so his other victims can share their stories and have their voices heard. Just so everyone knows, it’s a very long post.

Warning: there are mentions of #sexual assault, #emotional abuse, and #predatory behavior so please exercise caution if you continue to read.

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can someone explain to me how laverne cox didn’t make it onto the times top 100 list?